The Obama Deal

The bad Iran Deal, signed by President Obama without congressional approval, was never a good solution to the Iran’s nuclear program and aggression.

Details of the Obama Deal

Prohibits development nuclear-level uranium after 15-year moratorium

Uranium enrichment limited to 3.67%

Broken – Iran started to enriching uranium up to 4.5% in July 2019[54]

Limited stockpile of low-level enriched uranium

Broken – Iran has 12 times the allowed stockpile[55]

Limited centrifuge usage to 5,000 first-generation IR-1 models

Broken – Iran is currently using 19,000 centrifuges and has started using advanced centrifuges.[56]

Bans enrichment at Fordow

Broken – Iran has said it’s resuming 20% enrichment at Fordow[57]

Requires Iran to redesign the Arak IR-40 reactor to prevent enrichment of weapons-grade plutonium

Broken – Iran has purchased a spare replace of the core and photoshopped pictures of concreting pouring into the core[58]

Requires International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspections

Broken – Iran is currently limiting IAEA access to sites[59]

Missing Components

Balistic Missile Program

Iran has the largest missile arsenal in the Middle East, and any mention was left out of the old deal – a key component to detonating a nuclear weapon oversees[60]

Centrifuge Manufacturing

Iran announced last year that it would build a production hall near it’s Natanz nuclear site for making advanced centrifuges.[61]

American Inspections

The old deal put in place 150 inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency, but no inspectors are American.[62]


The IAEA stated in July 2019 that Iran had breached the JCPOA[63]

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