Iran’s Nuclear Program

Iran is on their way to enriching uranium and making a nuclear weapon capable of hitting America.

Making A Nuclear Weapon

Enriching and stockpiling uranium is widely seen as the biggest hurdle to nuclear weapons. And Iran is already there.

1. Build out a nuclear research and development program

Iran has built out the needed infrastructure for nuclear development and partial designs for a nuclear warhead.[48]

2. Low-grade uranium ore is mined and chemically treated before being fed into centrifuges.

Iran is the world’s 12th largest miner of Uranium.[49]

3. Centrifuges enrich uranium in a sophisticated cascading process.

Iran has around 20,000 basic – IR-1s and IR2ms –centrifuges.[50]

4. Uranium is enriched to 5% purity.

Iran has a stockpile 12 times the total permitted under the JCPOA of uranium around 5%[51]

5. Uranium is enriched from 20% to 90% for weapons-grade use.

In June 2021, the IAEA discovered Iran was enriching Uranium to 63% levels.[52]

6. The weapons-grade uranium must be deployed into a missile with a fission reaction to detonate.

Iran has tested regional ballistic missiles and is currently developing an intercontinental missile.

Iran has gained years of experience operating nuclear-level advanced centrifuges in violation of the old deal. “The Iranian program has grown, become more sophisticated,” reports Rafael Grossi, head of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Firing A Nuclear Weapon

Iran has tested numerous regional ballistic missiles that are believed to be capable of carrying a nuclear payload. They are currently developing an intercontinental capable of hitting New York City with a nuclear weapon.

Fajr-3 2,000 km 800 kg Operational
Shahab-2 2,000 km 1,200 kg Operational
Shahab-3 2,100 km 990 kg Operational
Shahab-4 2,000 km 2,000 kg Under Development
Sejil-1 1,930 km Unknown Operational
Sejil-2 2,000 km Unknown Operational
Khorramshahr2,000 km 1,800 kg Testing
Current Capabilities London, England is about 4,300 kilometers from Iran Jerusalem, Israel is about 1,500 kilometers from Iran New York, United States is about 9,800 kilometers from Iran
Current Capabilitiesr London, England is about 4,300 kilometers from< Iran Jerusalem, Israel is about 1,500 kilometers from Iran New York City, United States is about 9,800 kilometers from Iran

When fully operational, Iran’s strongest missile has the capacity to kill 66,270 Americans, injure 213,750, and cover lower Manhattan with radioactive fallout when detonated in New York City.[53]

Iran is close to developing nuclear weapons capable of hitting the United States.

They must be stopped.

Last Updated: June 22, 2021

2,968 kg [31]

Uranium Stockpiled as of last reported

474 [32]

Days away from nuclear weapons

3 [30]

Nuclear Weapons currently in development

Nuclear Weapon Progress
Nuclear Weapons Achieved
Deployed onto a missile with fission reaction to detonate
90% enrichment to reach weapons-grade uranium
Low level uranium enrichment
Launch a nuclear program

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